You - The Science Project: Acid/Alkaline

Not feeling well? Your internal ecology is most likely too acidic.

Illness and disease is rooted in a person’s internal ecology. From not feeling well, to full-on disease, the environments in which these issues arise are acidic. The reasons a person’s internal ecology becomes acidic varies. There are many types of stress, (Chemical, Electromagnetic, Nutritional, Physical, Mental, and Thermal) all of which create acid to a degree consistent with the intensities of those stressors.
In the body’s never ending quest to maintain homeostasis within the blood it will withdraw and deposit acidic and alkaline minerals from bones, muscle, organs, etc. Tests of blood and saliva can be misleading because of this quest. The places from which this mechanism borrows minerals bear the brunt of this process and will eventually not be able to support the cause. The food you eat can greatly aid your body’s healthy pursuit of homeostasis.

What to do with this information?

Chart your food for a few days. Mark each food item as either Alkaline Forming or Acid Forming based on the charts below. Click the charts to get a larger version. Generally speaking, you should attempt to have more Alkaline Forming Foods versus Acid Forming Foods. However, foods and nutrients have no fixed or inherent acid/alkaline qualities. It is up to you to pay attention to the chemistry project you are running, your body!
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Beyond food, the following non-eating moments also lend to the pH level of your internal ecology.
Alkaline:  Meditation, Quiet, Kindness, Love
Acid:  Stress, Anger, Fear, Jealousy
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