July 11, 2010 - Speaking at LVC Football Camp

I had the opportunity to speak at the Lebanon Valley College Football Camp last night to over 600 high school football players from about 12 different high schools.  What a great pleasure it was to be able to address all of those dedicated athletes.  I spoke to them about the dangers of sugar.  My goal was to have them leave the auditorium with a greater sense of the how over-consuming sugar costs them dearly on the field and in the classroom.

The point that I wanted to drive home is that eliminating sugar is the single most high-impact action you can take to improve on the field and in the classroom.  Most people have no idea the amount of sugar they are consuming. It is very easy to reach our maximum daily sugar intake by the time breakfast is over and not have any real sense of how much sugar we consumed.  I shared a chart with the athletes giving them a range of sugar consumption that is appropriate for them, and a brief list of commonly consumed foods and their sugar content.  Click here to access and download a copy of the Sugar Intake Guide.

Additionally, I spoke to the athletes about the addictive nature of sugar, and how that addiction shapes the decisions we make about the food we are going to eat.  A majority of people make their food choices based on an addiction they don't even realize they are battling.

We all got a laugh when one of the players asked if they shouldn't eat the pizza that was for sale outside of the auditorium.  I knew those pizzas were already paid for by LVC and I didn't want to be the cause of an inability to sell all the pizzas.  I also didn't want to see those kids eating Pizza Hut pizza either.  I gave the best answer I could, and I believe the best answer regardless of any potential cash loss.  I replied, "You shouldn't go to bed hungry."

I will be speaking at next week's camp as well, and this time I will remember to turn the video camera on!