Email from employee

Hi Michael,

I thought I should share my wellness journey with you since you are the guy in-charge of wellness here at Linkedin.
I am part of the Engineering and Operations team here at Linkedin. I set on a chair for about 8 to 10 hours a day. I (was) not a conscious eater I did indulge in an extra spoon of sugar, an extra brownie and a lot of cheesecake. I used to use the Linkedin gym at least twice a week. there were times that had used the gym 4 days a week too. I mostly left weight and not much cardio. To be honest gym made me tired. it felt good to look good and have a bit of muscles but it was tiring. I felt like the amount of energy that was needed for me to stay in a certain physical fitness level was more than what I was welling to spend. you can call me lazy but I feel that there are a lot of people like me out there who are welling to do physical work but not too much of it. :)
In February of 2015 I was diagnosed with Hepatic Steatosis, A liver condition that if not taken care of would lead to further liver complication that might eventually lead to the organ's complete failure. my physician suggested that I loose close to 30lbs or face the music. 
I had to stop and reflect on what went wrong. all of a sudden I had high cholesterol and my liver was getting bigger in size. I was going to gym so why was I in a bad shape?
I figured that I was not paying attention in gym. I was going through the motions and going there 3 days a week but my heart was not in it. I was always tired. I did not like to run and do cardio. my other tests did not reveal any issues or deficiencies but for some reason I just wasn't a gym kind of guy and this was effecting my health. 
so what to do now? 
one of my coworkers mentioned that he was going to Yoga classes with Edna at11:00am every Tuesday and Thursday and he loved it. he pushed me into joining that class. I was not really into the whole Yoga thing and was not sure how it would help me mostly due to a picture i had in my mind of a guy setting on a rock on a mountain with his hands on his knees and his eye closed. someone who is meditating. in my mind yoga involved meditation and I needed cardio. but I went in to one of the classes just to check it out. miss Edna's 11:00am class was a prenatal Yoga class and was not very aggressive , it involved a slower speed of Yoga with lots of stretches. I felt awake after the class, I felt I had more energy, I felt like I was able to get more done that day. I liked it so much that I joined themon Thursday as well. the experience was same or even better. keeping in mind that I was not able to perform all the tasks done in the class completely and didn't even know the names of some of the moves because I was new but
I was repeating what others and miss Edna did and it was really good. again I left the class full of energy.
In two weeks time I joined the class officially via wellness portal. changed my diet to what my doctor suggested and went to every class. in two months miss Edna suggested that I was now ready to move to the more aggressive class (Power Flow Yoga) at 12:00pm on the same days. the new class was hard in the beginning but it was incredible. the stretches and cardio was real nice.
I was enjoying the class and actually looking forward to it every week. long story short. I lost 28lbs in 12 weeks. :). my doctor was so surprised. At this point my cholesterol was below 180. my liver had gone back to normal healthy size, liver enzymes were down to healthy levels and I was feeling great. I told my doctor that I was doing Yoga. he was curious and I gave him all the details about what I did.

Today I am in a good shape, I had to poke 3 new holes in my belt over the past 6 months to get it nice and snug :) I fit in to much smaller shirt sizes. I don't have abs yet but i am working on it since i can feel them growing (amazing). I am back on a monitored normal diet.
It over all was an incredible life changing experience that I still enjoy everyTuesday and Thursday and all thanks to you, the team of Linkedin wellness, Miss Edna who truly wants all of us to enjoy, have fun and use Yoga to feel better and be the better versions of ourselves.
Hats off and thank you guys for making this happen and thank you Linkedin for bring it all together.